Bergen Tanker Brokers AS

Bergen Tanker Brokers was founded in 1986. BTB has since the beginning been working both as exclusive brokers and competitive brokers, mostly throughout the Northern-Europe region handling the chemical small-tanker-segment.

Here at Bergen Tanker Brokers we put our name and reputation into providing our customers with the best possible information at all times. BTB is located in Bergen, a world hub in chemical tanker business. Today BTB is concentrating its business within liquid chemicals, clean and dirty petroleum products and vegatable oils.

Our brokers are dedicated within the following segments:

CPP/DPPdepartment: competitive brokers world wide

Chemicals department: competitive brokers for chemicals, edible oils and UAN

Post-fixtures and operations department: dedicated personel ensuring smooth and professional operations

BTB also work in the time charter market finding the right tonnage, and can assist as consultants with projects in our business areas.



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